The Best way to find your Golf Swing Posture Position

By applying specific feelings you can find the perfect golf swing posture position.

These feelings help you repeat the correct posture each time, giving you balance and a maximum body turn.

Because we cannot see ourselves in the posture position it becomes difficult to repeat correctly.A mirror is a good start.

How do we perform the posture correctly each time?

Through feeling it.

Before I discovered how to feel the posture I struggled like many golfers. Standing at six feet three inches tall did not make it any easier for me.

I have simplified how you can find your swing posture with a few simple feelings. Take a look..

Stand straight up and relax

Bow forward without bending the knees till your arms are hanging straight down in front of you.
You may feel a little strain on the hamstrings
but no need to stay like that for too long.

Most importantly, bend the knees slightly without lifting your upper body. This is very important. The common mistake here is to left the upper body when you bend the knees.

As you do this you will feel a heaviness in the feet with the weight evenly distributed over each foot.
The hips push upward with a feeling of staying up and they will stay up during the swing motion. Keep the shoulders and arms relaxed as possible and hanging down.

You are now in the best possible position to perform the swing perfectly every time and maintain your address golf swing posture while you swing.

When you go through these motions remember to work on the feeling of being relaxed in your upper body, and heavy in the legs. This is most important for having a good balance at address and places you in a better position for starting the back swing and staying in balance throughout the swing.

The Benefits of Feeling a Good Posture

1. Your hips will "stay up" while you turn the shoulders in the back swing.

2. The pivot of the hips and coil of your upper body will be maximized both on the back swing and down swing.

3. This will give you maximum power to strike the ball aggressively with the hands.

4. You will have less chance of any injury while performing the swing. Lower back injuries are common when the back is not straight. You will also experience restriction on your shoulder turn.

5. Better balance is maintained during the swinging motion.

A word of warning! Be patient when you work with these feelings as they can take a while to perfect.

Remember "Repetition is the mother of learning" and the three feelings help to find the same golf swing posture every time.

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